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Pay or Save creator, Steven Lome, started as a residential real estate developer.  When the housing market crashed in 2008, he nearly lost his shirt.  Rather than the $1 million profit he expected, he reported a $999,900 loss.  As part of his recovery, he co-wrote The $500 Cup of Coffee  to provide young people the inspiration and information they need to build and hold onto their wealth.  Now he’s introducing Pay or Save as a practical money saving platform.  Many of the items on this site will help you reduce your personal carbon footprint.  All of them will save you money over the long run. The Pay or Save app, scheduled for a June 2021 release, will transform your online shopping experience into a major money saving opportunity.

Pay or Save Covid Survival Kit
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Who You Are

Even if you’re unsure about your direction, you know that you want enough money to live free from financial worry.   Keeping this goal in mind, you’ll start making smarter choices about your money and how to use it.  When you shop for value rather than status, you can achieve a better, more sustainable quality of life – free from clutter and credit card debt – by consuming less and saving more.

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Together we can transform your shopping experience by converting spending into savings.  When you shop with Pay or Save, you curb impulse spending, save more money, and build your wealth.

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